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This Day in History - September 20 
September 20, 1946 - Cannes Film Festival Premieres

Once a year the seductive(诱人的)allure(吸引)of the French Riviera mixes with a mania(狂热)for the silver screen in a grand international pageant(盛会)known as the Cannes Film Festival. Convening there are fans, producers, critics, actors, cameramen - anybody who is somebody or anybody who wants to be viewed as somebody. Would be starlets(初涉影坛的演员), hoping to be discovered as a young Brigitte Bardot (法国影星碧姬·芭铎)once was at Cannes, try to turn an eye away from established stars, which is not easy, considering there are so many. The festival intended to make its debut(开张)in 1939, but Adolf Hitler nixed(阻止)it by rudely starting World War II. On September 20, 1946, the first Cannes Film Festival did premiere and has remained an International Rave Revue ever since.

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