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October 27,  2005

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   A goose stands by an empty bench in thick fog in London
   October 17, 2005. British experts from the body that
   discovered the flu virus in 1933 will travel to southeast Asia to
(推进)global cooperation(协作)on fighting bird flu and
   other new infections
(传染), the Medical Research Council
   said on Monday. Chief medical officer, Liam Donaldson, said
   a bird flu pandemic
(流行)could result in at least 50,000
   deaths in Britain.


French farmer, Stephane Letue, examines a chicken in a farm in
Janze near Rennes, western France, October 17, 2005. Europe
(力争)on Monday to balance moves to test for outbreaks
(爆发)of the deadly bird flu, with keeping people calm and
avoiding widespread panic
(恐慌)after the disease was found in Turkey and Romania.

    Romanian sanitary
(卫生的)workers spray disinfectant(消毒剂)
  on a train coming from Romania's region where bird flu was
   detected in Fetesti, 150km (93 miles) east of Bucharest in
   October 17, 2005.  Romania recorded no new cases of bird flu
   after a mass cull
(挑出而杀掉)of poultry(家禽)on Monday, but
   its jittery
(恐惧的)neighbours and European countries on
(迁移的)routes stepped up testing of birds to prevent
   the disease's spread. British tests showed on Saturday the H5N1 strain of the disease, which has killed more than 60 people and millions of birds in Asia since 2003, had reached mainland Europe, identifying it in three ducks found dead in a Romanian village.

Customs officer Dirk Bickel (R) inspects the luggage of Turkish
passengers at Munich
(慕尼黑,德国)airport October 17, 2005. Bavaria(巴伐利亚)has banned poultry markets and exhibitions
with effect from Monday to prevent bird flu entering the region,
state Consumer Protection Minister Werner Schnappauf said on German radio.

     Workers prepare chickens at the Aia factory in Verona, north
     of Italy, October 17, 2005. No nation is prepared for a bird flu
     pandemic, the U.S. health secretary said on Monday, while the
     world health watchdog
(监督人员)warned Europe against
(集中在)on itself at the expense(损失,代价)of Asia, the
     ground zero
(目标中心地带)of any major outbreak.





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