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Paragraph 1  
      Wouldn't it be terrible if, we didn't have grass? We would have to walk on bare soil. Can you guess what our playgrounds would look like? On a rainy day we would get all muddy. On a dry day we would breathe clouds of dust.

1. The story mainly tells _________.
A. why we need rain
B. how grass is kept green
C. how grass helps us
D. without grass we would have to walk on bare soil

Paragraph 2
      Rats are still almost as big a danger to people as they were long ago. They still spread disease and eat crops. Much of the hunger we have today is caused by rats. They eat half of the grain harvested in the world.

2. From the passage we know _________.
A. why rats are an enemy of people
B. how rats destroy our food
C. why rats cause disease
D. why rats were dangerous to people long ago

Paragraph 3
      Some supermarkets have a special way of getting people to come to the bakery counters. Sometimes they spray a "cake smell" into the air. At other times they spray the fresh smell of baking bread. These smells are enough to make people' s mouths water. The customers then race madly to the counter to buy cake, bread, rolls , and other baked goods!

3. The main idea of the paragraph is __________.
A. what cake smells like
B. why bakeries make money
C. how people are attracted to bakery counters
D. what bakery counters in supermarkets sell

Paragraph 4
      The Manhattan (New York City) telephone book is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. About 1,500, 000 copies of this book are printed each -year. To make the paper of the books, 43, 000 trees are cut down. There are twenty-six columns of Smiths and twenty-three of Browns. If all the copies of this book were stacked on top of each other, they would make a pile forty miles high.

4. The subject of the paragraph is _________.
A. what the Manhattan phone book is like
B. where the Manhattan book is printed
C. how many telephones are there in New York
D. who printed the first phone book

Paragraph 5
      The word Waterloo has become a synonym for defeat-total defeat and complete disaster. Waterloo, a town in Belgium, was the scene of a battle in 1851 that brought overwhelming defeat to Napoleon Bonaparte ' s French Army. At stake were the whole continent of Europe and Napoleon' s dream of an empire. In a few days over forty thousand French soldiers died. With their deaths a new word for disaster was born — Waterloo.

5. The subject of the paragraph is __________.
A. where Waterloo is
B. who named Waterloo
C. why Napoleon and the French Army were defeated at Waterloo
D. how the word Waterloo came to mean defeat


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