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    The old idea that child prodigies ( 神童 ) "burn themselves" or "overtax their brains" in the early years, therefore, are prey to failure and ( at worst ) mental illness is just a myth.  As a matter of fact, the outstanding thing that happens to bright children is that they are very likely to grow into bright adults.
    To find this out, 1,500 gifted persons were followed up to their thirty-fifty year with these results:
    On adult intelligence tests, they scored as high as they did as children.  They were, as a group, in good health, physically and mentally.  Eighty-four percent of their group were married and seemed content with their life.
    About 70percent had graduated from colleges, though only 30 percent had graduated with honors.  A few had even flunked out (
退学 ), but nearly half of these had returned to graduate.
    Of the men, 80 percent were in one of the professions or in business, managers or semi-professional jobs.  The women who had remained single had offices, business, or professional occupations.
   The group had published 90 books and 1,500 articles in scientific, scholarly, and literary magazines and had collected more than 100 patents (
专利  ).
    In a material way they didn't do badly either .  Average income was considerably higher among the gifted people, especially the men, than for the country as a whole, despite their comparative youth when last surveyed.
    In fact, far from being strange, maladjusted (
难以适应 ) people locked in an ivory tower, most of the gifted were turning their early promises into practical reality. 

1. The main idea of the passage is __________.
A. how many gifted children turned successful when they grew up.
B. that bright children were unlikely to be physically and mentally healthy.
C. that gifted children were most likely to become bright grown-ups.
D. that when the bright children grew up, they would become ordinary.

2. From the passage, we can conclude that __________.
A. most of the gifted children became white collars.
B. half of the gifted followed up graduated from colleges.
C. each of the talented published at least one article.
D. bright men got higher income than bright women.

3. Which of the following is mentioned in the passage?
A. The gifted could not be fit for their social positions.
B. Most of the bright and successful women kept single.
C. The gifted men got full marks in intelligence tests.
D. Most of the gifted appeared satisfied with their life.

4. The explanation of the underlined "turning their early promises into practical reality" is __________.
A. earning their living and keeping promises.
B. doing practical jobs and facing reality.
C. doing what they have promised.
D. realizing what they were expected.

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burn themselves,大脑负担过重overtax their brains,深受失败和精神疾病之苦 therefore, are prey to failure and mental illness,是以往的一种看法。作者认为这种看法是虚构和荒诞的The old idea is just a myth。作者进一步说:这些神童很有可能成长为智慧过人,前途光明的成年人。
far from being strange, maladjusted people locked in an ivory tower,他们的大多数人正在实现自己早年的梦想。
C (that gifted children were most likely to become bright grown-ups)


Main Idea


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