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When I asked my daughter which item she would keep: the phone, the car, the cooker, the computer, the TV, or her boyfriend, she said, "the phone".  Personally, I could do without the phone entirely, which makes me unusual.  Because the telephone is changing our lives more than any other piece of technology.

Point 1.  The telephone creates the need to communicate, in the same way more roads create more traffic.  My daughter comes home from school at 4:00 pm and then spends an hour on the phone talking to the every people she have been at school with all day.  If the phone did not exist, would she have anything to talk about?

Point 2.  The mobile phone means that we are never alone.  "The mobile saved my life," says Crystal Johnstone.  She had an accident in her Volvo on the A45 between Otley and Skipton.  Trapped inside, she managed to make the call that brought the ambulance to her rescue.

Point 3.  The mobile removes our secret.  It allows marketing manager of Haba Deutsch, Carl Nicolaisen, to ring his sales staff all round the world at any time of day to ask  where they are, where they are going, and how their last meeting went.

Point 4.  The telephone separates us.  Antonella Bramanate in Rome says, "We worked in separate offices but I could see him through the window.  It was easy to get his number.  We were so near---but we didn't meet for the first two weeks!"

Point 5.  The telephone allows us to reach out beyond our own lives.  Today we can talk to several complete strangers simultaneously () on chat lines (at least my daughter does.  I wouldn't know what to talk about).  We can talk across the world.  We can even talk to astronauts (if you know any) while they're space-walking.  And, with the phone line hooked up to the computer, we can access the Internet, the biggest library on Earth.


1. Point 1 mainly tells us that __________.
A. the writer's daughter enjoys talking on the phone.
B. More roads create more traffic.
C. phones create the need to communication
D  it's easy to communicate through phones.

2. People's attitude towards mobile phone is that it _________.
A. helps people deal with the emergency.
B. brings convenience as well as little secret to people.
C. is so important and should be encouraged.
D. is part of people's life.

3. Which do you think support the idea that phones improve people's life?
A. Point 1 and 2.
B. Point 3 and 4.
C. Point 1 and 3.
D. Point 2 and 5.

4. It is possible to talk to several complete strangers at the same time through __________.
A. the TV screen.
B. a fax machine.
C. the Internet.
D. the phone.

5. Which is the most suitable title for the passage?
Phone Power
B. Kinds of  Phones
C. How to Use Phone
D. Advantages of Phones

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    第一段作者提及自己的女儿可以舍弃其它,但必须保留电话。作者写到:Because the telephone is changing our lives more than any other piece of technology.  作者随后分五点(five points) 探讨了电话给人们生活带来的变化。

    细读这五点,可以发现:第一点,电话创造了交流的需要,是个中性的变化,说不上是好是坏。第二和第五点是电话带给人们的便利和用途,显然是电话的优点长处,即advantages。但第三和第四点:The mobile removes our secret. / The telephone separates us. 显然是讨论电话的缺点和弊端,即disadvantages

    综上所述,作者并没有因女儿选择保留电话机就一面倒地夸奖电话,而是客观分析电话给人们生活带来的变化和电话在人们生活中所起的作用,既有正面的,也有反面的。 有了上述理解,阅读理解测试题就迎刃而解了。尤其是题2和题5,必须选能包括正反两方面的表述,才符合作者的原意 

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