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     I've worked all my life. I've done men's jobs. I've done everything. I've used screw drivers, electric drills, and punch presses. I really know what it means to do man's work. What gets me is, you work all your life like a dog. You pay your taxes into these government programs. But still, when you need help, the people that are paid to help you, they act like it's coming out of their own pockets.
    My husband George had a stroke not long ago. I've always worked all my life and I never had to do this before, but when George had the stroke I knew I needed some help. I had to quit my job to take care of him.
    So I went down to the welfare and told them I needed help. We were living with my son at the time. The welfare people said that since we were staying there. he had to take care of us. If we wanted help, we'd have to move out. The trouble was we didn't have anything at all. and George was in the hospital.
    When I knew I needed some help, I went up here to this place called Hub Center where they've supposed to help people. Well. I told this young kid that was working there that we were starving and didn't
have the money to pay our rent or buy our medicine. Well. he started writing something down on a slip of  paper, and he wrote for the longest time. Then he gave it to me and said. "Take this paper to 163l Vine Street and they'll give you a sandwich.
    I said, "Thanks for nothing. kid. "
    I never was so embarrassed in all my life. I thought, well, I know I have to be going crazy. I just have to be, this just can't
be happening.

1. The best title for the passage would be __________.
A. I Really Know Man's Work.
B. Applying (
申请) for Welfare.
C. Where Are They When You Need Them?
D. Where Do Our Taxes Go?

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Correct answers:


    本篇是描述了一位妻子在丈夫病后辞去工作,申请福利救济的过程(Applying for welfare)。但若以此项(Applying for Welfare)为最佳题目,则不能概括申请手续烦琐,主人公到处碰壁的内容;且容易让读者以为将读一篇申请福利救济的指南性文章。


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