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The clock is ticking. Up to a hundred species become extinct(灭绝)every day. Scientists say that the total number of species lost each year may reach 40,000, the largest number in a year in the last 65 million years. If nothing is done, we may find ourselves alone on this planet.

The Malayan sun bear is among the animals that need our help. Malayan sun bears live in forests that are being destroyed by people who are cutting down the trees and using the land for farming. The roads they build when they are cutting down the trees also make it easier for hunters to find the bears. Without the trees, the bears can't find enough food, so they have to go look for food on farms. That makes the farmers angry and they sometimes try to shoot or trap the bears.

People hunt the Malayan sun bears because they want to eat the meat and use parts of the bear's body to make traditional medicine. Perhaps the main reason why people try to kill the bears is that they want to make money. Some of the medicine made from the bears is worth more than gold!

There are also people who like to keep Malayan sun bears as pets. When people want the bears as pets, they steal the young bears and kill the mother bear. We can help the Malayan sun bears by telling our friends about them and asking them not to buy any products made from the bears.

Rhinos(犀牛)have been on the earth for a long time. More than 60 million years, in fact. There used to be many different species of rhinos, including one that was six metres high and nine metres long! Today there are only five species left, and they are all endangered. The black rhino, which lives in Africa, is the most serious case. Thirty years ago, there were about 65,000 black rhinos in Africa, but now there are only about 2,000.  Most of the rhinos have been killed by hunters.  Please help save the rhino before it is too late!


(Senior English for China Student's Book 1A   Unit 10   Workbook  Reading)



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