Lesson 42     American Country Music

During the 1990s, American country music has become more and more popular.  Song writers are no longer writing about the modern values of the USA---money, success or expensive things to buy.  Instead they are writing once more about things that are common for everyone:  feeling alone in  the modern world, the value of having good friends and so on.

In the 1950s, American music was about other things, for example, love---getting or losing a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Money (and success) was also thought to be important.

Then in the 1960s song writers turned to other subjects.  During these years many yonng students were angry with society, so songs were often full of anger.  Political leaders were not well thought of and those songs often made fun of them.

Today country music has returned.  It has become big business.  It brings in between 200 and 400 million dollars a year.  Once the home of American country music was Nashville, Tennessee.  Now, however, the music has reached all parrts of the States, from Los Angeles in thewest to New York in the east.  Singers do not just come from the states but from all over the world.  There arte many famous singers from Britain, Canada and JAustralia.  A lot of them appear on television too.

The first country singers sang while playing the guitar.  It was easy for them to carry a guitar on their travels.  Now, however, a lot of electrical equipment is needed for large theatres.

Country music today remains much the same as before.  One subject to which country music often returns is 'the good old days'.  In 'the good old days' people thought well of each other.  People loved life in the open air.  They believed that the best things in life were free: sunshine, laughing, walks in the beauty of the country, friends and music.