If you are looking for an unusual experience, maybe you should try going for a swim with one of the world's most beautiful creatures – the dolphin. Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful adventure that will fill your heart with happiness. Dolphins are not only beautiful and friendly, but they also seem to bring joy to anyone who comes near them. Janet, a doctor from New York who has tried the dolphin swim twice, explains the feeling:

"Swimming with dolphins changed the way I think about myself. The dolphins showed me the simple beauty in the world. They taught me to enjoy life and the world around me. The adventure also helped me understand what is important in life.”

Dolphins are wild creatures, so there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you join them
in the ocean.  Swim slowly and carefully and don't try to catch up with the dolphins.  You have to
be careful not to disturb the dolphins when they are feeding or taking care of their young. If a dolphin
comes near you, don't reach out and try to touch it. Dolphins living in the wild do not like to be
touched by humans. You must never try to grab or hold a dolphin --- it will frighten the dolphins. The
best way to have a good swim with your new friends is to learn from them. Try to swim like the
dolphins, without moving your arms too much, and pay attention to how the dolphins use body language to communicate. Dolphins are interested in new things and they will perhaps come to play with you if you dive or make some strange noises.

Sharing the deep blue with its beautiful creatures is a popular form of adventure travel. You do not
have to travel far to swim with a dolphin, nor does it have to cost a lot of money. Dolphin swims are
now possible both in tourist areas and in cities. Many zoos let people go for a short swim with a
dolphin in a pool. The experience will make a wonderful memory and may change the way you think about life and nature.

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