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Part  II        Tape Script:                                        

Work And Play

Susan:  How have your two sons been doing at school lately, Andy?
Andy:   Terrible!  James never starts working, and Malcolm never stops working.
Susan:  You're joking, of course.  I hear that Malcolm is likely to win all the prizes in the exams this year.
Andy:   Yes, so his teachers say.  But he deserves to do well.  He's always been so conscientious and
            hard-working, and he's been slaving at his books every evening for months on end recently.  He
            wants to go to Oxford University next year.
Susan:  Maybe he'll become a university lecturer himself eventually.
Andy:   Maybe.  But I think he studies too hard; I sometimes wish he'd go out and enjoy himself for a change.
Susan:  Yes.  ...  What about the younger one?
Andy:   Well, James' teachers say that he has ability, but that he's too inconsistent and that he rarely does his
            best.  In other words, he's not bad when he makes an effort, but he's too idle.  He couldn't care less
            about exams.  He does his homework in ten minutes every evening and then rushes out to play tennis.
Susan:  He's crazy about tennis, isn't he?  Perhaps he can make his fortune at it.  You can make more money
            from sport than from an old-fashioned profession these days.
Andy:   So I believe.  But my wife always worries about the children's future.  She wants James to give up
            tennis and study law, but I don't believe in forcing boys to take up careers they're not cut out for.  I
            wonder how James'll develop in a couple of years' time!

Ex. I     Key:     (see tape script)

Ex. II    Key:     1,   4,   5,   6,   8,   10,   11


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