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Part  III     Tape Script:   

The problem Student makes Progress

Tony:   Well, that's that.  The class did very well in this examination!
Carol:  Good!  You've finished reading those exam papers at last.  And you look so pleased!
Tony:   Yes!  Do you remember that boy, John Foster---the one who nearly failed my American history course
            last year?
Carol:  Oh, you mean the young rebel?  Of course!  I thought he was very amusing and good looking, too!
Tony:   He's intelligent, in any case.  But last year he did very little work!  And yet he protested when he got a
            poor grade for the course."
Carol:  Yes, he rebelled against you, too!
Tony:   And I didn't accept his protest.  I told him he had to do some work.
Carol:  Aha!  Now I understand the pleased expression.  The problem student makes some progress.
Tony:   Some progress?  He's progressing marvellously.  He's working---and his record shows it.
Carol:  All right!  I'm very glad!  Let's invite him to dinner tomorrow.
Tony:   Okay.  That's a good idea.
Carol:  Now record his grade in your little book and let's have dinner ourselves.


Key:  (see tape script)


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